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Deer Riding Preacher

My uncle told me about taking the new preacher hunting, Earl(my uncle) heard a shot form the preachers stand and then heard the preacher holler, Earl I got a nice one. Earl went over to him straight away and saw the preacher just stepping over the bucks back to stick him, well the second the preacher grabbed one of the bucks antlers with his left hand, the buck jumps up with the preacher on his back and took off running down through the woods with the preacher on his back stabbing the deer in the neck wildly until they were out of sight! Earl said he thought the preacher was going to get hurt bad, but had no idea what to do but give chase. He said he spotted the preacher stumbling as he climbed out of a gulley, covered in blood and his knife still in his hand, the preacher was grinning from ear to ear and said, I got him! The preacher was pretty scratched up from briers and branches, but nothing serious. Earl said he stabbed this deer in the neck about 40 times before he dropped, what had happened was he had creased the bucks skull with a slug and just knocked it out!

Martin Price
Founder and President of
Virginia Disabled Outdoorsmen Club